GoDaddy CEO Videotapes Himself Killing an Elephant

Elephant lovers have taken to the web in outrage against GoDaddy’s CEO Bob Parsons videotaping himself killing an elephant in Zimbabwe earlier this month. Parsons claims he killed the elephant because it was destroying crops, but their are better, non-lethal ways to ease the tension between farmers and endangered elephants.  What’s worse, the morning after the bull elephant is killed, he films “a swarm of ‘hungry’ villagers” in GoDaddy hats “rip the flesh off the dead elephant” and then posts all of this in a personal video called, “My Vacation Video“. This ethnocentric, elitist video is still online if you’d like to watch it for yourself, but Viewer Discretion is Advised.

In response, GoDaddy rival wants to seize the opportunity. They are offering “a transfer from GoDaddy to $4.99 transfers for com/net/org domains with 20% of proceeds going to” For more details, click here.

UPDATE: Send a message to GoDaddy that killing elephants is unacceptable via In Defense of Animals.

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Windy Borman

Director | Producer, The Eyes of Thailand

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